April 06, 2018

Stuff & Nonsense 4/6/2018

  1. How many Christians only attend church a few times per year? Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are the big three dates for church attendance partly because these are armband Christians who feel guilty for not going at least a few times per year, but also because these are atheists, agnostics, and generally not-religious people who are dragged along to church by their Christian family members who make worship into a family affair where everybody can catch up with old Mr. So-and-So, chat with Auntie What's-Her-Name, and gossip about how the community has changed. Church attendance is surely a religious concern for many people, but it's also a cultural concern for many more. That's all I've got to say about that.
  2. The so-called "affluenza teen" who once claimed his parents’ wealth prevented him from distinguishing between right and wrong was released from a Texas jail Monday after a two-year sentence related to a drunk-driving crash that killed four people. As a Satanist, I think criminals should be obligated to suffer the full weight of the law regardless of wealth or privilege, and if it were up to me this man-child who argued that he's not capable of knowing right from wrong wouldn't be allowed to walk free until he could prove otherwise. Read more here.
  3. What would you think about Christianity if you were only just hearing about it for the first time? Satanic thoughts on the cult-like worship of a cannibal-corpse. Read more here.
  4. Depression happens to everybody, and it doesn't matter how "strong" you think you are (however you try to define it). It doesn't make you less of a "man" (however you try to define it). It just means that you're human, and struggling with depression and related mental health issues is a challenge faced by all humans. Read more here.
  5. What happens when a Satanist goes to a conference for Atheists? Judging at least by this report, not nearly as much as you'd think, but it's still really interesting to see how a Satanist navigates the ups and downs of interacting with atheists. Read more here.
  6. There are Satanists in Los Angeles, and going at least by this interview they probably don't look or act how you think they do, or want you expect them to. Read more here.
  7. Want to learn how to lucid dream -- and by extension, control your dreams? Then you're in luck, because going by the scientific evidence it's not as hard as you think. Read more here.
  8. The Internet does weird things to religion. Is it satire? Is it serious? Is it both? I don't even know anymore. Read more here.
  9. What happens when Tarot meets Alice in Wonderland? Obviously, the Wonderland Tarot. Read more here.

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