March 31, 2018

Stuff & Nonsense 3/31/2018

Getty Images. via The Hill.
  1. As a Satanist, a truth I live by is that responsibility is for the responsible. I don't want to get rid of guns, but I do want to keep lethal weapons out of the hands of the irresponsible. I'm willing to be proven wrong, but I'm skeptical that "More guns everywhere!" is going to solve the gun problem. Read more here.
  2. And on that topic, here are some lucid thoughts about Satanism, gun control, and gun proliferation from a writer outside the USA looking in. Read more here.
  3. I don't have any specific complaints with Muslims versus other religionists -- as far as I'm concerned they're all varying degrees of crazy and all have a history of violence -- but I still think it's fucking funny that in Turkey one city's public loudspeakers were high-jacked to blast out the soundtrack to a hardcore X-rated pornography at 1:00am. Read more here.
  4. Did you hear about that 2016 internal memo at Facebook about real-name policies? This is one of the reasons why I'm leaving Facebook for Google+. Real-name policies get people bullied, hurt, and sometimes even killed. Facebook is spinning this so fast it makes Southern auctioneers sound like Elmer Fudd, but judging them by what they do (as opposed to what they say) will show you how they really feel about the balance point between expanding the platform versus the needs of individual users. Read more here.
  5. How short-sighted and hypocritical can the Church of Satan possibly be? When the Satanic Temple organizes legal campaigns to challenge the placement of religious monuments on government property, the Church of Satan calls them whiners and weaklings, but when one of their own members gets banned from Facebook for 30 days for deliberately violating the terms of service, suddenly they're concerned about people being treated equally. It's this kind of special pleading that convinced me to resign my membership with the Church of Satan. Read more here.
  6. Want to feel more alive? Then try meditating on death. So say the stoics and the Buddhists, keeping things in perspective to the ultimate and universal outcome for all living things is one way of remembering what's important and doing more with your life. Read more here.
  7. A Philippine man who has been nailed to a cross every Easter for the past 32 years in a Good Friday re-enactment of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion says he no longer feels any pain from his wounds. And people think he's okey-dokey but Satanists are deranged? Read more here.
  8. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to read Tarot if you were tripping on acid without actually dropping acid? I present to you the Secret Arcana deck. See it here.
  9. On a whimsical note, for the next week Google is hosting a world-wide game of "Where's Waldo?" on Google Maps. I bet you're just dying to play.


  1. I've only been researching for a short time but more and more I really like what I read and hear about The Satanic Temple. I just recently picked up two books by Damien Ba'al to read his ideas, I think I remember reading he used to be a member of TST but broke away to do his own thing? Thanks for the shout out, I'm a tad obsessed with my acid trip cards, haha!

    1. I'm not well-versed in the inner history of the Satanic Temple, so I'm unable to offer an opinion on Damian Ba'al except to say that there were a few outspoken Satanists who were drawn to the Satanic Temple because they either believed or wanted it to be the next pan-Satanic organization. For a brief period of time at the beginning of the Satanic Temple's efforts they thought they were going to be a decentralized organization, but things seemed to pick up speed a lot faster than they anticipated and this lead to the fall-out of folks like Brian Werner who seemed to want the Satanic Temple to be predominantly about Satanic lifestyle and religion _without_ the political activism, but when it became clear that the Satanic Temple wanted to make social and political activism a really strong organizational focus _on equal footing with_ Satanic lifestyle and religion, they got upset and left to do their own thing.

      Speaking for myself, I'm a member of the Satanic Temple and I throw money in their hat on occasion because I support their goals, but the bulk of my understanding of Satanism is still premised on the writing of Dr. LaVey and Magus Gilmore. No matter my other complaints about them and the Church of Satan, their writing has had a big impact on me and for that least I'm grateful. At any rate, the Satanic Temple doesn't insist on intellectual exclusivity and welcomes allies to their cause whether or not they identify as Satanists.

      There are a lot of great TST-oriented blogs and podcasts out there, and off the top of my head I recommend "For Infernal Use Only," "Ash Astaroth," and "Satanic San Francisco," all of which are linked in the blog-roll at the bottom of the page.

    2. Interesting! I have yet to dip my toes in any of LaVey's writings (yet). I had hopes of finding a local TST chapter but the closest one is like 2 hours from me but they are doing some great local things I noticed. Trying to find my place in this world is both fun and exhausting haha!

    3. Be aware that LaVey and most of the writers emerged from the CoS are big on "might make right," and often take a dim view of people who care about protecting civil rights and generally favor the financial monarchy of libertarianism. All the same, LaVey did a great job of really hammering on individual responsibility and taking an honest view of oneself and ones own desires.

    4. I have heard about the "might make right" referenced towards him in one book (I think Lilith Starrs, not sure). I will at some point most likely look into his writings to see what it's about, I'm a on big reading binge right now going from book to book. :)


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