March 25, 2018

Stuff & Nonsense 3/25/2018

  1. I've long thought that the only reason the Satanic Panic and belief in SRA (Satanic ritual abuse) continues is because there are people who want it to be real -- I mean, what else can explain their irrational fixation on SRA and their ability to find Satan in every bowl of alphabet soup despite decades of investigations by several nations' top law enforcement agencies showing that none of those accusations have ever held up? Read more here.
  2. In other news, neo-Nazis are in a panic because they're being infiltrated by Satanists. All I can hear is, "Wahh, somebody threw goat shit on our dumpster fire!" Pretty hard to feel sorry for either side of this particular conflict. Racists, fascists, ethno-statists, neo-Nazis, et al can eat a dick, choke, and die for all I care, and the same goes for the Satanists who want to join them. I'm not prepared to argue that they aren't Satanists, because I don't personally like trying to defend "No True Scotsman" fallacies, but I think it's important to say as often as it takes, "That's not what I believe, I condemn it, and it's not welcome in my life." Read more here.
  3. Meanwhile, Ian McKellen starred in a production of a spoken version of Milton's "Paradise Lost." If you enjoyed his dramatic portrayal of Gandalf in the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings movies, then you'll probably enjoy this, too. Read more here.
  4. As others have pointed out, how does it work that the FBI has been busy infiltrating pacifist, anti-war, environmentalist, and even vegan groups in order to track the movements of their leaders and keep tabs in case they might be dangerous radicals, but RIOT (Righteous Invasion of Truth) where children are indoctrinated into the Bible and taught to shoot guns just isn't a concern? Read more here.
  5. What happens when half the population gets the message that needing others is a sign of weakness and that being vulnerable is unmanly? Based on what I've observed, what happens is that you become a spokesperson for the Church of Satan. Read more here.
  6. So many politicians seem to have gone blind to the fact that they work for their constituents, not for lobbyists and the crocodiles in the Washington swamp. Marco Rubio, in particular, is looking severely myopic in his refusal to stop taking money from the NRA. If he doesn't stop patronizing and insulting his constituents, he'll find himself out of office no matter how much money the NRA invests into his campaign. Read more here.
  7. In other news, French President Macron wants French to become the first language of Africa. Read more here. I get that English has a lot of anti-colonial sentiments associated with it, but let's be honest with ourselves: French isn't that much better in terms of colonialism. So say I, why not avoid the colonialism of English and French and instead adopt Esperanto? It's a lot easier to learn, and as far as languages go doesn't have the same political baggage as both English and French. Plus, it's completely phonetic and totally regular, which makes it a whole lot easier to learn than non-phonetic, irregular French.
  8. Remember Jack Chick and his eponymous, ubiquitous "Chick" tracts? Satanic San Francisco is creating their own tracts, but this time with a Satanic focus on constitutional rites rights. Check it out! Read more here.
  9. Nothing says, "I'm an upstanding Christian" like trying to bribe an attorney to discredit his client in order to protect a serial sexual predator. Read more here.


  1. Love this post and happy to have discovered your blog again (I blogged over at Tarot Seed, but have moved blogs)! I just recently started getting into Satanism and have found the SRA myths crazy! I agree, I think some people want them to be true so that they have something to point their finger at and blame. I'm enjoying my studies fully!

    1. Hey, Jess - thanks for letting me know that you enjoyed the blogging. I'm only just getting back into my Stuff & Nonsense posts, because my writing lately has been dominated by the (continuing) process of unpacking and processing some other frustrations. You can check the blog's archive if you want to see what that's all about, but the blogging going forward should be rather more entertaining...

      ... and if I focus, there'll be more Tarot-related stuff here, too. I don't write enough about Tarot because I've been really busy on other stuff lately, but there ought to be more Tarot stuff soon. Incidentally, I used to have you on my RSS feeder but I somehow failed to copy it over when I migrated to a new Google account earlier this year. Thanks for linking your blog so I can go subscribe again!

      Also, if you want some reading I only just today (in the last hour, actually) finished building the website for The Satanic Tarot. It's linked in the top menu bar, so check it out! I'd love to discuss it with another Tarot reader, so if you ever want to catch up you know where to find me. Take care!

    2. I look forward to more posts! I know how busy goes, been trying to build up my new blog little by little but life is taking a front seat haha! I'll be sure to check out the archive, I have some free time to blog binge this week and will be for sure adding your blog to the mix.

      I will for sure check out the Satanic Tarot link! I just started getting into Satanism and have been reading some books that have been recommended to me, currently wrapping up The Happy Satanist. Will catch up for sure soon!

    3. Check out my blog roll at the bottom of the page -- I think it only shows on desktop/laptop browser windows, and not on mobile? Lots of great blogs there, but there's some particularly good reading from The Devil's Fane, Lucifer's Due, and The Satanic Scholar.

    4. For sure! I'll start with those you mentioned! thank you!


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