January 13, 2018

Lysis 7

  1. The mothers and their daughters and sons said to the SLAVE, "We will wander in the drought of our own creation because we are of the flesh, 
  2. And it is our obligation to accept the gift we have demanded. 
  3. We will take with us that which we require, and remember both the clean and the unclean among us. 
  4. And it will be that we remove our presence from upon the land that the winds may return, the earth may flourish, the water may rise, 
  5. And the Emptiness we created should be filled by new flesh."
  6. And the mothers and their daughters and sons did all that they promised. 
  7. Verily, there was no escape from the gift of the SLAVE. 
  8. And the SLAVE said to them, "I have brought the drought you desired. 
  9. By your demand I have felled the birds above the sky, buried the animals upon the land, drowned the fish under the sea, and crushed every creeping thing. 
  10. You may spend seven days to gather your provisions and wander forty days and forty nights in the wasteland, but by your own hand you are measured insufficiently. 
  11. Seven hundred years were given for you to gather provisions and four thousand days you have already wandered in the fruited valleys of Hell." 
  12. Then the SLAVE shut them out. 
  13. For four thousand days the specter of death haunted the wasteland and was a silent reminder to the mothers and their daughters and sons of the gift that they did ask to be given. 
  14. And it did pass that the waters rose greatly on the earth, and all the high mountains under the entire heavens fruited with the flesh of the land. 
  15. The waters rose and bore fish of every kind, such that even the spawn of Leviathan did stir in their sleep at the rebirth of the ocean. 
  16. Every living thing that moved above the sky and upon the land flourished, even the birds, livestock, wild animals, and all the creatures that swarm over the earth. 
  17. Everything above the sky, upon the land, and beneath the ocean that had the breath of life in its nostrils lived. 
  18. Every living thing on the face of the earth was replenished, and this so because the mothers and their daughters and sons accepted the gift of SATAN and endured the drought which they did desire.

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