November 13, 2017

The calm before the (publishing) storm

Hey, folks; long-time followers of this blog know that I try to post at least one interesting update every week, but I've been quiet lately because I've been submitting my book, The Satanic Tarot, to publishers. I'm very excited that I've reached this stage in giving birth to my book, but the submission process is massively exhausting and time consuming. The reason this is so is because every time I make a submission to a publisher, I'm essentially introducing my child to a potential adoptive parent--and I only get one chance to make a good impression.

Every publisher requires me to make a submission in their preferred format, which is naturally different for most publishers, and some of them want to see a few chapters' sample work. Others want to see the whole manuscript. And sometimes, it feels like I've got to stand on one leg and play an accordion while reciting the alphabet backwards.

It's an intensive process for me.

So yes, I'm still open for business, and yes, I'm still as busy as I've ever been, it's just that all the action is happening behind the scenes right now. I'm deeply hopeful that this work will be rewarded with a publishing contract before the year's end, but considering the niche subject of my work and the limited production schedule of the publishers I've got in mind, this could take a little longer.

As a result, I'm in a place right now where I can't split my focus between projects. Friday Tarot parties are still happening--there's one happening this Friday if you'd like to attend--but until I can carry this publishing process to a successful end, blogging and mailing list updates are on a slower schedule than usual.

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