November 05, 2017

Stuff & Nonsense 11/5/2017

The infinity of the mind is only meaningful when
framed within the discipline of the body.
  1. Self-discipline is the master key to success. Cultivating it within yourself without having it imposed on you by circumstance is a necessary step to growing within your religious practice. Read more here.
  2. The comedian Jim Jeffries talked about the Satanic Temple's "After School Satan Club," and it wasn't terrible. Watch it here.
  3. What would the 22 trumps look like if envisioned through the lens of social media? One artist has a humorous answer for you. See it here.
  4. Just because you're kinky doesn't mean you're consenting to all manner of unwanted sexual contact. Read more here.
  5. Want to learn Tarot but don't want to spend a fortune doing it? Read more here.
  6. The Satanic Temple may be seeking $35k in damages plus attorney's fees after Belle Plaine agreed to host a Satanic monument and then backed out after money had been spent to build it. Rumor has it that both parties will settle out of court for a smaller amount. I'm not sure what I think about this. Read more here.
  7. A new documentary looks into the rumors behind the Jayne Mansfield's friendship with infamous Satanist Anton LaVey. Read more here.
  8. Satanism doesn't believe in hitting children. What's so difficult to understand about that? Read more here.
  9. What if the truth won't set us free? Read more here.

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