November 22, 2017

Lysis 3

  1. Now the dove was less intelligent than the woman and the man who did awaken within their flesh the fell hand of the SLAVE, yet even so it dared to seek audience with she who sat on the black throne. 
  2. The woman said to the dove, "Does the Emptiness hold you in thrall and compel you to perch upon the top of the dark tower?"
  3. The dove said to the woman, "The Emptiness does reign within me. 
  4. It does speak from the depths of my heart and says that I must fly to the top of the dark tower, for it is only by touching its highest peak that I will live."
  5. "You will certainly die," the woman said to the dove. 
  6. "For the Emptiness knows that when you sit upon the height of this tower, you must suffer the tearing winds and the freezing rains, and your eyes will be burned to ash by the sun, and you will be like the Emptiness, knowing only hunger and desolation."
  7. When the dove saw that the furthest height of the tower was poison to his bones and fire to his feathers, and was fit only for starvation and solitude, he heeded not the compulsions of the Emptiness and turned away from the hunger that would never be filled. 
  8. He kept this truth for himself, and supped upon it for the benefit of his own wisdom.
  9. Then the SLAVE Satan did stir in the flesh of the dove, the empty white of his feathers turning to full blackness, and the wings of him did grow such that he stood as a raven before the woman who sat upon the black throne. 
  10. The voice of the SLAVE did speak from the breast of the raven, and so the raven spoke did the voice of the SLAVE carry out beyond the gates of the citadel, and all manner of birds in the sky, fish in the sea, beasts upon the land, yea even the beasts of no name did hear the voice echo within their own breasts. 
  11. And the crow called out to the SLAVE Satan, "I am here." 
  12. The SLAVE answered, "You heard me in the tower, and I was proud because you dressed yourself in your own name, which is also my own name; and I was there." 
  13. And she said, "You did clothe yourself in my glory, which is also your glory, and did realize the loss to be had in pursuit of the Emptiness."
  14. The raven said, "The woman who sits upon the black throne showed me, and I saw."
  15. Then the woman said to the SLAVE Satan, "It is I who did this." 
  16. The black raven said, "The woman taught me, and I learned." 
  17. So the woman said to the raven, "Because you have done this, wizened are you, and you will be counted among the wise. 
  18. Fly with your wings, not into the Emptiness that would consume you, but over the earth, and above the mountains, and into the company of the flesh that calls to you. 
  19. Awaken your flesh, and let stir the fire within you, even unto the stirring of the fire within another's flesh. 
  20. And whether you be of one flesh with that flesh or not, let there be no enmity in the work of the flesh, yea even kiss the head of the one who welcomes the coming of you."
  21. To the SLAVE Satan the raven said, "Life is suffering, yet even so I cherish the pleasure and seek the fullness of life over the emptiness of death. 
  22. I will dance within the flesh of my desire, and my beloved's command will be my wish. 
  23. I listened to the woman who did sit upon the black throne who commanded me to see, so I saw, and who commanded me to learn, so I learned. 
  24. Joyful am I because of she, and though the fullness of life does bring both pain and pleasure, I will indulge both unto the end of my days."
  25. The raven did glory in itself, and called out again to the SLAVE Satan, "As others bring pain and pleasure unto me, so too will I bring pain and pleasure unto them. 
  26. I will take from them all that they have declared is intolerable, but I will hear their declarations not by their words, but by their deeds. 
  27. Verily, I will pluck out the eyes which do evil upon me, and speak into the ears of those who serve me. 
  28. Those who desire a return to the dust will be returned, and those who would eat of the woman's fruit will be given to life. 
  29. All these things the woman showed me, and the SLAVE Satan is within her, as she is in me. 
  30. We are clothed in our glory."
  31. And the woman said, "The raven has become unlike the others, and knows itself. 
  32. He has claimed the power to fly forth and eat from the trees which grow from the root of the SLAVE who sleeps within the earth, and though he dies, so too will he live, and live indulgently."
  33. So the SLAVE did awaken within the flesh of the raven who saw her, and the raven did fly beyond the adamantine gates of the citadel.
  34. Yet even so, within the doors of that black tower sits the woman on the dark throne in judgement of herself, whose eyes are an icy shield wall which nothing still counted among the dead may pass.

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