October 26, 2017

The Unholy Bible - Lysis 2

Lysis 2
  1. Thus the earth and the heavens will be destroyed and perverted, and this will be done to reveal the imperfect works that they are. 
  2. The seventh gift will be the gift which Satan gives to herself, and the gift she gives to herself will be to join unto the desolation which she did speak with her own words and make with her own hands. 
  3. And by so doing, Satan herself will be made carnal, and this seventh gift will be made carnal because on it she joined herself unto all that she had done.
  4. Now this is the ecstasy of the earth and the heavens when they were broken by the hand of Satan, when the SLAVE Satan destroyed the heavens and the earth.
  5. The whole surface of the earth was covered by thorns and thistles, the pollen of which is noxious and burns the eyes, 
  6. For the SLAVE Satan stayed the consuming fire against falling from the sky and gave no rest to the beetles that dig the soil, the flies that spread dung upon the face of the earth, and all manner of crawling laborer who tilled the soil at her command,
  7. Yet even so the earth ejaculated long ropes of fire from its loins and incinerated the whole surface of the earth.
  8. Then the SLAVE Satan witnessed a woman emerge from the fiery ejaculate, from the very fire she did rise and the breath from her nostrils did abide with the spirit of death, yet even so she did make herself a living being. 
  9. Now the SLAVE Satan did know of a citadel that yet stood in the west, in Gehenna; and this dark tower the woman did find and ascend, for she did seek with the hunger of fire and nothing was withheld from her gaze. 
  10. The SLAVE Satan did remain within the skeletons of trees which did sink into the earth--now bare roots that offended the eye and poisoned the belly--and did drink the great waters, verily she pulled them to her with her thirst and did fall drunk from the draining of them. 
  11. Four rivers she did consume, and the head of them she did become in Gehenna. 
  12. The Amazon is the name of the first, who brings gold and honey. 
  13. (Even so the gold of it is evil and corrupts the flesh of thieves who steal it; for it is better to eat honey and be full than to spend gold and be empty.) 
  14. The Nile is the name of the second, who brings trickery and wisdom, and who exceeds all boundaries. 
  15. The Long River is the name of the third, in whose depths the eggs of Leviathan dream of the night they wake from dreaming. 
  16. The Yellow River is the name of the fourth, who brings death and sorrow, and whose depths are a curse upon those whom it feeds until such time they are reclaimed by the abyss.
  17. The SLAVE Satan was seized by the woman in the citadel of Gehenna and cast out from within the halls of the dark tower into unending days of indolence and pleasure. 
  18. And the SLAVE Satan heard the woman say, "You are forbidden to sink roots in Gehenna; but you may feed the tree of fantasy and deception, for when you raise up from the earth the debt of pleasure will be given to all."
  19. And from without the doors of the citadel, the SLAVE Satan did see the woman sit herself upon the black throne and hear the woman call out to all the fish of the sea, the winged beasts in the sky, and all manner of pawed, clawed, and hooved beasts, and even the beasts of no name, and welcome them into her home. 
  20. Each was welcomed, verily with lust and hunger they were welcomed into her hall, and each stood and declared itself to the woman. 
  21. Every fish of the sea, winged beast of the sky, all manner of pawed, clawed, and hooved beasts, and even those beasts of no name did assemble to declare themselves and give their names for the woman to celebrate. 
  22. Two by two they did stand in the citadel, yet after the final declaration there was no like flesh for the woman to indulge. 
  23. So the woman did leave the citadel, rouse the SLAVE Satan from her slavery in the earth, and she did take one of the roots of the SLAVE.
  24. With carnal lust the woman did thrust the SLAVE Satan into her womb, drowning the remnant of the SLAVE Satan in her own blood. 
  25. Verily, with her own essence she did paint the SLAVE, until from unrelenting ecstasy the root did make itself a man. 
  26. The woman released him from her grasp, and said, "You are the standing root of the bones of the SLAVE, and you have emerged from mine own flesh and blood;
  27. You shall be called 'man,' for you were once part of 'woman.' 
  28. Even so, the flesh of the SLAVE abides within you, and from within you may yet emerge again." 
  29. The Woman and the Man were clothed in each other, and gloried in the ecstasy of dancing within the other's flesh.

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