October 31, 2017

Stuff & Nonsense 10/31/2017

Satan himself, as envisioned by Anton LaVey in "The Devil's Rain."
Satan's a very baaaaaad man. And apparently kinda-sorta Jewish?
via FilmSchoolRejects.com
  1. Just in case you needed a super-hokey Satan movie chock full of William Shatner playing the same character he always plays--himself--but also a young John Travolta, Severin Films is doing a full restoration of the standard-definition version of "The Devils' Rain." Read more here.
  2. Want dive deep into Satanism? Here's a couple video lectures to get you started. Watch them here.
  3. It's important to preserve American secularism. Read more here.
  4. The latest entry in the "Labyrinth of Souls" series has been released, "Littlest Death." Check it out!
    1. Bonus linkage: How walking a labyrinth can lead to self knowledge. Read more here.
  5. Halloween is here to stay, and it's not because of a Satanic conspiracy but because it's just plain fun. Read more here.
  6. TST co-founder Lucien Greaves is interviewed on the Naked Diner Podcast. Check it out here!
  7. Halloween in a Suburb: a poem by H.P. Lovecraft ready by CoS's Magus Gilmore. Listen to it here.
  8. The first indictments in the Trump/Russia investigation have been handed down by Special Counsel Mueller against prominent operatives in the election campaign. I'm glad to see justice is moving forward, but I'm not holding my breath that it'll be served. Don't me wrong--I'll be very happy to see criminals punished for their actions--but I refuse to celebrate until after the dust has settled. Read the latest updates via the BBC.
  9. No surgery for fatties and smokers? That's the policy in some cities in the UK where non-urgent surgery is refused for patients who refuse to control either their weight or their addictions. In a meritocratic, single-payer healthcare system, it makes sense that people who exercise self-restraint and self-discipline would be given faster treatment, but it's not clear whether this will actually reduce costs and improve health outcomes. Read more here.

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