October 24, 2017

Stuff & Nonsense 10/24/2017

Sweet baby Satan, if only I could ever be this fabulous?
  1. In case anybody's confused about what really happened, drag queen Xochi Mochi neither taught children to worship demons nor defiled their minds with sexual depravity. Instead, she committed the unthinkable heresy of reading a book titled, "It's okay to be different." Shocking, I know. Read more here.
  2. A new-age store in Virginia has been ordered to stop providing Tarot readings because it doesn't have a license to do so (and for which a license doesn't exist.) These kinds of bans--either outright excluding Tarot, or not specifically permitting it and then requiring business owners to get it approved--have been proven time and again to be unconstitutional. They've been routinely shut down by the ACLU, but only after the a business owner with sufficient legal standing spends the time and money to challenge it in court. Owing to the relatively high financial barrier to overturn these bans, many of them remain in place.
  3. Not all questions are created equally: a big part of what successful Tarot readers do is reframe poorly worded questions into something that will produce a more stimulating and productive answer. Read more here.
  4. Should our leaders be smarter than us? I think they should. Andy Borowitz lays out an argument for political elitism and why we need it. Read more here.
  5. NSFW: the Satanic eroticism of Monica Sandoval. See it here.
  6. God wants to own your body and control your choices, but Satan thinks you're mature enough to live life according to your own desires. Read more here.
  7. He died as he lived: an essay reflecting on the life and death of David Hume, an early prominent atheist and anti-religionist. Read more here.
  8. If the Satanic Panic had a cinematic playlist, this is it. See it here.
  9. Does certification matter for Tarot readers? The always brilliant Benebell Wen has a few thoughts on the matter. Read more here.

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