September 06, 2017

Stuff & Nonsense 9/6/2017

Based on the game "Dungeon Solitaire - Labyrinth of Souls"
  1. The End of All Things has arrived. No, this isn't an announcement of the apocalypse, but of a new book. The excellent Matthew Lowes who created Dungeon Solitaire: Labyrinth of Souls has joined other authors in writing fiction based around the Tarot cards used to play the game of the same name. The other books in the series have been terrific, and Matt is already a great author, so I feel safe assuming that this is going to be an excellent book. Check it out here!
  2. Are you the master or the slave of your smartphone? James Hind has an opinion on the matter, but speaking for myself I got so tired of the psychological pressure created by my phone that I disabled or uninstalled very nearly all the apps. If I didn't need it for work, my phone would only do SMS and voice calls.
  3. In Utah, a nurse was unjustly arrested for lawfully refusing a police officer's order to draw blood from an unconscious patient. In the video, she's heard hysterically screaming, "Why are you doing this?" Somewhere, there's a black person saying, "So now you care because it's happening to you?" This is why it's important to fight racism and authoritarianism: the way the state abuses minority members when nobody's looking is the same way the state will abuse majority members when they think they can get away with it. 
  4. What does Satanism have in common with the prosperity gospel? A command to not play the victim! After his remarkably slow response to hurricane Harvey, salesman Joel Osteen gave a sermon this weekend in which he told his customers that they shouldn't nurture a "victim mentality." Maybe I don't see it, but when everything you own is destroyed in a flood, looking for help is a pretty natural thing to do especially when you don't have hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank like Joel Osteen. Read more here.
  5. Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating both President Trump and his allies on the campaign trail, is a very smart man. Read more here.
  6. A Baptist pastor in North Carolina says that he woke up from a cough-syrup induced black-out to find himself covered in blood, a knife in his hand, and his wife with multiple stab wounds. I'm genuinely surprised he didn't blame it on the Devil. Read more here.
  7. Creepy: a photographer visits iconic places featured in 1960's advertising that have been abandoned and left to fall apart. Read more here.
  8. Stratification is real, and the consequence of ignoring it is the collapse of multiple economic levels which sustain the natural hierarchy in which we all reside. Read more here.
  9. Pennywise is back. Will you go to see IT? Despite the seeming curse that Stephen King movies consistently poorly adapted to the big screen, I'm going to see IT anyway. Read more here

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