September 28, 2017

Stuff & Nonsense 9/28/2017

Trump the con-man selling a wall to gullible idiots.
  1. Glitch in the Matrix: a 1950's TV show featured a character named Trump who was defrauding simple townsfolk with promises about a wall. Seeing is believing. Don't commit the Satanic sins of losing perspective or forgetting the past. 
  2. Hugh Hefner has died at the age of 91. Hail lust! Hail indulgence! Hail Hefner!
  3. Wild Intuitive shares some thoughts on what it means to be the black sheep of the family and how your black-sheepness benefits you. Read more here.
  4. Reading Tarot professionally isn't all rainbows and sunshine. Believe it or not, but it's actually really exhausting, and professional readers use a variety of strategies to sustain their focus and stamina. Read more here.
  5. Christiana Gaudet has some thoughts about reading Tarot for skeptics. Read more here. Speaking for myself, I love reading for skeptics: my experience is that they often have a terrific sense of humor and tend to have more fun than the so-called "believers" who take things way too seriously.
  6. "I'm so surprised that a religious organization which considers itself to be above the laws of the Earth and beholden only to the desires of an imaginary friend would go against the law," said nobody, ever. Read more here.
  7. NASCAR owners pre-emptively announcing that they'll fire any employee who exercises his or her civil rights seems like an invitation for a costly lawsuit. Read more here.
  8. Christian reconstructionist and dominionist Roy Moore has been elected a senator for Alabama. This doesn't bode well. Read more here.  
  9. It's never too early to start preparing for the war on Christmas! Just watch this crafty Satanist below corrupt the charming snowmen to be sold to good Christian families:

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