September 23, 2017

Stuff & Nonsense 9/23/2017

The art of Simone Ruco via Cvlt Nation.
  1. Between Gods and Beasts: the tattoo artistry of Ruco. Read more here.
    • Bonus linkage from Cvlt Nation: the horror art of the House of Hammer magazine. Read more here.
  2. This looks interesting: the movie "American Satan" is opening in theaters on Friday, October 13th. Check it out.
  3. Take note, Jeff Mateer: transgendered children aren't part of Satan's plan. Read more here.
    • Bonus linkage: What is dead-naming and--if you care enough to not be an asshole--why should you avoid it? Read more here.
  4. Exquisite Equinox from the Church of Satan!
  5. Responsibility is for the responsible: a discussion about the illusion of free will, self determination, and consequences. Read more here.
    • Bonus linkage from Aeon: the Internet is mapping the contours of modern fear. Read more here.
  6. The Hip Hop Tarot is finished and you can see it in all its glory. If you're so inclined, you can also purchase a copy here.
  7. Want to become a good Tarot reader? Then there's only one lesson you need to learn. Read it here.
  8. Could Amazon's next headquarters be in Canada? Some people think it's likely to happen. Read more here.
    • In related news, the twin Saults of Ontario and Michigan have offered a joint application. Read more here. Shame on me for having insufficient esprit de corps, but I rather doubt my home will make the shortlist.
  9. The End is Coming. Or at least, an end is coming, and it might come in the relatively near future. Read more here.

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