September 02, 2017

Stuff & Nonsense 9/2/2017

via Cvlt Nation
  1. Should Norse and Germanic runes be actively reclaimed from the neo-Nazis and racists? I'm a Satanist, so I don't have a Heathen horse in this rune race, but as an observer it's an interesting discussion about aesthetics and the use of symbols. Read more here.
    1. Bonus linkage: Heathens United Against Racism is a thing
  2. Responsibility is for the responsible. If you want to own a gun and be able to kill multiple people in the span of a few moments, then you'd better complete a safety course for your class of firearm, be fully licensed, have your firearm regularly inspected, and carry liability insurance. Mass shootings are preventable, and we're all getting tired of talking about them. Read more here
  3. Pick-up artists make a big deal about how difficult it is for men to get laid, but according to a lesbian it's actually super easy to satisfy straight women.
    1. Bonus linkage: And if you don't know how to please a woman, just ask her. It really is that easy. Read more here.
  4. Yay, history: What are the lost origins of playing-card symbols? Where did the pips come from? Read more here.
  5. Yay, more history: Makenzie at Cvlt Nation discusses the history of selling one's soul to the Devil. Read more here.
  6. Authoritarians of a feather abuse power together. Read more here and here.
  7. A Game of Thrones Tarot deck exists, and you can read an interview with the deck's creator right here
  8. Tired of the Page, Knight, Queen, King pattern? Beth at Little Red Tarot has some alternatives you might enjoy. Read more here.
  9. Satanic radio waves are allegedly changing people's DNA in order to make them hate Donald Trump. Read more here.
    1. Clearly, Radio Free Satan must be part of the conspiracy.
  10. Tarot is not Tarot - rather, Tarot is itself, and through our desires for the role we want it to play we make it into what we want it to be. Read more here.

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