September 14, 2017

Stuff & Nonsense 9/14/2017

"Friday Fun" by Reginald Pean / Frenchinald
  1. NSFW: the BDSM-themed artwork of Reginald Pean.
  2. Church's of Satan high priest Magus Gilmore reflects on the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Read more here.
  3. Whether or not you support the Satanic Temple, victories against forced-birth legislation are worth celebrating. Read more here.
  4. Looking for a new Tarot deck with an indie flair? Spiral Nature rounds up 11 of the best independently published Tarot decks on the market today. Read more here.
  5. The real-life, true story about the Christian ventriloquist who wanted to rape, kill, and eat children. Read more here if you dare.
  6. The Stuff You Should Know podcast did an episode about Satanism. Check it out!
  7. Church's of Satan high priest Magus Gilmore and Magister Johnson appeared on the Dead Radio Podcast. There's a lot of cool stuff in the podcast, but I'm disappointed that they almost immediately started the show with childish name-calling about the Satanic Temple.
  8. In related news, what is the Satanic Temple actually teaching in its After School Satan clubs? The world may never know.
  9. Want to learn Tarot without spending a fortune to do it? Benebell Wen has you covered with five entirely free resources for new students. Read more here.


  1. If you think the Ronald William Brown story is disturbing, try reading some comments related to his story on the Landover Baptist Church website. Some of the responses will blow your mind.

    1. (laughing) Landover Baptist is hilarious, and it's endlessly amusing to me that so many apparently sincere Christians can't figure out that their entire website is satire.


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