September 22, 2017

After Action Report: Tarot Blog Hop 9/22/2017

The Tarot Blog Hop is an international group of Tarot readers who get together eight times a year to blog about a common theme relating to Tarot and fortune-telling. If you read Tarot and keep a blog then you're welcome to join us, but if not then I invite you to digest the highlights I've pruned from my favorite entries from this round.

The theme for this round is food: choose a card from the Tarot and describe what it likes to cook. I participated in the hop and you can read my entry here, but this after-action report is about the other blogs I enjoyed reading so let's get hopping!

I love smoked fish. There're some fisher-folks about 45 minutes north of town who catch and smoke trout year-round for sale at the local farmer's market. If the sheer volume of salt consumed wouldn't kill me, I'd eat smoked trout every day for each meal. Read more here.

There's a southern-style restaurant in town that does BBQ of all sorts and they’ve got brisket on the menu. To be honest, I was disappointed – it wasn’t that great – but I don’t know why I’d have ever thought that a restaurant so far north could cook such a dish. It may be a traditionally Jewish dish, but I’ve only ever seen it cooked by southern BBQ chefs. *shrugs* I guess I’ll have to invite myself over the next time the author is cooking another brisket? Read more here.

Alcohol with desserts is lovely. My wife made some truffle-esque things a few years ago and had a rather liberal hand with the liquor she added. She forgot how much she added to the batch and after noshing her way through about six of them a few weeks later realized that she was going to sit down and not get back up again for the rest of the evening. Read more here.

If you like honey-flavored cocktails, then you’d get along with my friend Bryan. He buys raw honey from the Mennonites north of town and uses that to brew his own mead. He’s entered a few amatuer competitions and has gotten to the point that people are telling him to start looking bigger. His mead is evil – it goes down so smooth and easy you don’t even think about how much you’re drinking until it’s way too late. Read more here.

Who doesn't love tapioca? Nobody, that's who. I wasn’t aware that anybody thought tapioca was gross, but then again I'm something of a social recluse so I guess I wouldn't really know. I’ve only ever had tapioca as a dessert – like out the paper packets sold in the grocery store – but I’ve loved it. Add some raisins and serve it warm with a sprinkling of cinnamon and I’m in dessert heaven. Read more here.

My wife and I had a Pagan handfasting officiated by a Wiccan priestess registered with an event agency in the region. Since my wife is a Wiccan-y witch, we did cakes-and-ale at the end of our handfasting. You could tell we were super-duper serious about it, too, because our cakes were donuts and the ale was hot apple cider both purchased earlier that morning at the local Tim Horton's. It isn't that we didn't have time to prepare, we just... didn't care that much? Read more here.

Mmm… cheese-crust apple pie. Those are so good. My wife has a recipe not unsimilar to the one linked here and it’s so good that I pout when she makes it for company because I want to keep it all for myself. Read more here.

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