August 27, 2017

Stuff & Nonsense 8/27/2017

  1. Scientists have determined that it rains solid diamonds on both Neptune and Uranus. If it weren't a 24-year round-trip from Earth to Neptune, I'd be investing in deep-space mineral extraction
  2. A Tarot reader compares the differences between runes and the Tarot. Read more here.
    1. Bonus linkage from the same author: How he got started in the Tarot. Read more here.
  3. Here's some helpful advice: If you're lobbying to have the Confederate flag (a symbol of racism and slavery) put back into the courtrooms from which it was removed (because it's a symbol of racism and slavery), don't undermine your argument by making "coon" jokes on camera. Read more here.
  4. Vehicular homicide is on the rise, so what does this mean for remote drones and autonomous vehicles? It's not science fiction to think that these tools could be rapidly weaponized in an urban environment. Read more here.
  5. Ever wonder why Lucifer was cast out of Heaven? Here's what really happened.
  6. Too cool for words: the Heaven-and-Hell nightclubs of 1890's Paris. See them here.
  7. Counter-protesters organizing against a possibly racist rally in San Francisco fought dirty by mining the rally location with dog poop. I don't care who you are, that's some funny shit right there. Read more here.
  8. One can only wonder who or what will be blamed for the "biblical flooding" in Texas that by some estimates is a larger disaster than Hurricane Katrina. Anybody want to bet which bogeyman will be trotted out by the religious right? Transgenders and Muslims are yesterday's news, so my bet's on good old-fashioned disobedience. Read more here.
  9. Apparently I'm a hipster because I've been doing Tarot since before it recently became cool. Read more here.
  10. Isn't it just too strange how when a murderer has weird religious stuff in his house then suddenly he's Satanic maniac, but when a murderer has a Bible, rosary, or pictures of Jesus he's not a Christian maniac? I'm skeptical that the murder reported has anything to do with Satanism, but I'm not going to rush into saying "he's not a Satanist!" because I honestly don't know what he believes. All I can say is that ritual murder plays no role in Satanism by the best accepted scholarly definition, and if he is a Satanist, then he deserves punishment in like kind. Read more here.

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