August 24, 2017

Stuff & Nonsense 8/24/2017

Aleister Crowley, the wickedest man in the world!
via Daily Mail
  1. It's getting so alt-righty up in here that even the OTO - founded by Aleister Crowley, the wickedest man in the world! - has found it necessary to officially declare their opposition to ignorant herd mentalities like racism and sexism. Read more here
  2. What do you get when you combine fantasy and reality, use the power of evil to stimulate action, and embrace the balance factor? Apparently, you find the secret to living a happier and more fulfilling life. Read more here
    1. Bonus linkage from Aeon: What's wrong with teaching kids to be gritty? Going by the evidence, a lot, not to mention how it primes them to uncritically accept authority. Read more here
  3. Remember Doreen Virtue? On Monday the 21st (same day as the eclipse) she publicly condemned Tarot, oracle decks, and all mediumship not done with the permission of Jizzus Chrast. I'll bet dollars to donuts that she'll be giving paid lectures against the dangers of the occult to Christian audiences within 24 months. 
  4. Some people think that the Church's of Satan Twitter account is just the bee's knees. I wouldn't know because I don't use Twitter, but you can read more here
  5. It's absolute stupidity to dance in the middle of a busy road. But it's also hilarious when the dance is the macarena and the dancer is a teenaged boy in Saudi Arabia where all manner of fun is regularly poo-pooed by the religious police. Watch it here. One can only wonder what the outcome would be if it were a titillating girl instead of a fleshy boy?
  6. Yay, history: a long and detailed essay about the history of Lucifer and the war in Heaven. Read more here.
  7. Public service announcement: Animal cruelty holds no place within Satanism, but if there are Satanists who enjoy abusing animals, then I condemn their actions and hope they suffer punishment in like kind. Read more here.
  8. How does a Satanist define happiness? Ask 10 Satanists and you'll probably get 30 answers, or you can ask just one Satanist and get 10 answers. Read more here.
  9. Meanwhile in the UK, some firefighters saved some pigs from a fire. In a show of gratitude for putting out the fire, the farmer slaughtered the pigs and made them into sausages for the firefighters. Apparently, people are upset about pigs intended for slaughter actually being slaughtered. Read more here. Reminds me of the joke about the three-legged pig.
  10. Remember the Satanic Panic? Dan and Fran Keller sure remember, especially since they both spent the last 21 years in prison despite there being absolutely zero evidence to support the accusations made against them. They were both just declared to have been wrongfully convicted and received a total of $3.4 million dollars in compensation. I'm glad to know that their innocence has finally been accepted by the state, but I don't think justice will have been served until the judge and prosecutor who put them behind bars are made to issue public apologies for this insanity. Read more here.

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