July 13, 2017

Convicted murderer Haigh wants Tarot cards

via Herald Sun

In other news, Australia's worst serial murderer who's in prison for six consecutive life sentences is also a Pagan who wants access to a deck of Tarot cards. Before we cover anything else, let's get one thing straight: Haigh is a mad dog who deserves death.

Beyond that, the Commonwealth is a society of rules, and we've agreed - at least up to this point - that even murderers in prison for six life sentences get to benefit from the rules. If Christian murderers get to have a Bible in prison; Muslim murderers get to have a Quran in prison; then why shouldn't Pagan prisoners get to have a Tarot deck in prison? From the article:
Haigh argues a deck of 78 tarot cards is little different to a paperback book, which inmates are able to keep as many of in their cell as allowed under a points system used to control the amount of property individual inmates can keep.
This is an argument that I've made more than a few times myself: the Tarot deck is a 78-page book with unbound pages, and the narrative of said book changes depending on its physical configuration. Unlike the Bible or the Koran, the Tarot doesn't tell the same story front-to-back every time - it tells a different story depending on how you use it. And considering that the Tarot has in many ways become the unofficial holy book of Pagans, his argument is rather solid. 

I have zero sympathy for Haigh, and I'm skeptical what kind of future he'll predict for himself, but so long as we allow for prisoners to have holy books, Haigh ought to get the Tarot deck he's requesting.

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