July 18, 2017

Belle Plaine says "no" to all religious monuments

via SWNewsMedia.com
In other news, remember that Baphometic bowl of wisdom that was going to be installed at a memorial park for veterans? After much public outcry from pearl-clutching, rosary-rubbing Catholics and a city hall being flooded with complaints from deeply concerned Christians around the country, the decision was made to remove all private monuments hosted on government property.

And to be honest, I'm disappointed by the outcome. Speaking as a veteran, I'd like it if there were a Satanic monument in the same place where my body is laid to rest. And while I have no great love for Christianity, I know that Christians feel the same way: they'd also like to have a monument that speaks to their beliefs. But as others have observed before me, Christians are big fans of religious liberties and freedom of expression only when those liberties and freedoms apply to Christians. Evidently, these rights aren't afforded to others lest God's tender feelings get hurt. 

And this is hilarious to me, because seriously: if they really believed that Casper the Friendly Ghost God is all powerful, all seeing, all knowing, and has a plan for everybody and everything, then why haven't they stopped to consider that this Satanic monument is actually part of God's plan? After all, God's all powerful, so why doesn't he just open a sinkhole under the monument, zap it with lightning, or wash it away with a flood? For people of faith, these Christians are awfully insecure about their god's ability to manage earthly affairs.

So, thanks to Christian censorship out of fear that the all-powerful creator of the entire universe would get his feelings hurt, nobody gets anything. As usual, Christians would rather shit the bed than let any damned, dirty, Satanists ever sleep on it.

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