June 21, 2017

The Satanic Tarot is almost ready!

10 months, 60,000 words, and 200 pages later, I've completed the first draft of The Satanic Tarot!

This is big news, and I'm so happy to be able to share it with you. My blog and YouTube channel have been quiet for a few weeks now, but it's been time very well spent and I look forward to resuming my usual schedule of weekly conversations with you.

At this point, I've turned the first draft of the manuscript over to alpha readers who'll give it first eyes-on and provide valuable feedback regarding the order, tone, format, and quality of the content. Naturally I'm hopeful that this will be completed quickly, but - seeing as they're going through over 60,000 words with a fine-tooth comb - the alpha-readers may not be finished providing feedback until the end of September. 

Assuming the back-and-forth with my dedicated alpha-readers takes that long, the entire month of October will be devoted to implementing their feedback, making final revisions, and formatting the second draft into a printable manuscript at which point I can submit it for copyright protection and then market it to publishers including Red Wheel/Weiser, HarperCollins Canada, Nephilim Press, and a few others.

I anticipate that it could take several months to find a publisher, and a few months more than that to get it into production, but at this point all the hard work has been finished - all that remains is to put it in front of the right agents' or publishers' eyes. The rest, so I hope to be able to say, is history.

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