April 01, 2017

The Secrets of Snow and Ice

So the other day I found a blogger talking about finding cards in the wild. And to be honest, I thought that was really wild - I've never found playing cards outside before that I can ever remember. I suppose part of this is that I haven't particularly been looking for them, but then, part of it too is that I've largely engineered my life to avoid interaction with other people. I live at home, I eat at home, I work at home, and when I go out to do anything, it's in the car to a parking lot into a store back into my car and back home. Yes, I'm a bit of a hermit, but I like it that way.

But for whatever reason - if you choose to believe in this sort of thing - I found cards yesterday. I was walking to the grocery store down the block to get some celery (we had chili and oven fries for dinner) and there in the grassy margin beside the lane were three playing cards. I don't know how long they've been there, but seeing as the bulk of the snow is only just melting it's quite possible that they got scooped up by a plow and spent the better part of the winter frozen in a snow drift. And now, here they are: the 10 of Hearts, the 9 of Hearts, and... something. The middle card might have been something before it got buried in snow and ice, but now it's absolutely blank and no longer bears any suit or pip markings.

In the words of the sage, "What does this mean?" Well... it might meaning absolutely nothing at all except that I found some trash.

Or, if I'm going to read the cards in the order that I found them, it could be a message about security and duty. 

The 10 of Hearts is the first card I found, and for me that's a card of urgent obligation and a pressing need for care and security. Reading it in context to the second card I found, the 9 of Hearts, this is a message about turning my attention toward long-term security and both the literal and figurative stability of my home... which isn't a surprising message since I have to re-shingle my roof this year.

The real mystery here is the blank card. Without any visible clues to its suit or pips, it's a wild card and I'll read it as a Joker who talks about being forced to change for the sake of change. And I'll tell ya, that sounds like a pretty stupid message to me. Change for the sake of change? Even if no change is needed and change might even make things worse? Not really seeing the significance. If there's a message here, perhaps it's about the importance of hearing and acting upon messages when they're timely and relevant - and not after they've spent all winter frozen in a snowbank. This might have been something important six months ago, but anything it might have been is gone now. 

Tick tock... time is running out.

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