October 19, 2016

Satanic People

Successful People read every day.
Unsuccessful People watch TV every day.
Satanic People read or watch TV for pleasure, stimulation, or learning. Or they don't. Books and televisions are tools to be used for a chosen end.

Successful People compliment.
Unsuccessful People criticize.
Satanic People give compliments or criticism as they see fit, and for whatever purpose they choose, so long as it achieves the desired goal.

Successful People embrace change.
Unsuccessful People fear change.
Satanic People travel the spectrum of hyper responsive visionaries on the cutting edge to Luddites who refuse the latest technology for the comfort and nostalgia of yesteryear.

Successful People forgive others.
Unsuccessful People hold a grudge.
Satanic People acknowledge their mistakes and forgive if they truly feel sorry about what they've done, but also hold a grudge and gleefully punish those who deserve wrath.

Successful People talk about ideas.
Unsuccessful People talk about people.
Satanic People talk about whatever suits their fancy. Ideas are only as good as the person who puts them into motion, and practical application is far preferable to theoretical dreaming.

Successful People continuously learn.
Unsuccessful People think they know it all.
Satanic People believe that responsibility is for the responsible, and thus will both accept responsibility for their failures but also blame others whose decisions have caused unwanted personal consequences.

Successful People have a sense of gratitude.
Unsuccessful People have a sense of entitlement.
Satanic People give to those who deserve, and don't hesitate to point out when they're owed something in return and state their expectation that they should receive it.

Successful People set goals and develop life plans.
Unsuccessful People never set goals.
Satanic People are aware of their level of stratification and work within it to achieve their best life possible. This means that they make goals and plans, but it also means they know how to quit when they're ahead and live within their means.

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