October 10, 2016

Fascism, Racism, False Faces, and Observation

via AntiFascistNews.net
I picked up this article from AntiFascistNews.net about the way fascism and racism creep into areas where they haven't been traditionally observed - including the left-hand path - and it stirred up a few thinks that I've been meaning to bring up for a while. This conversation revolves around the simple observation that you can know a lot about somebody when you find what he or she won't criticize. For example, look at contemporary atheism. These folks are really good at condemning theistic bullshit wherever it appears, but when it comes to things such as sexism, racism, and fascism, they get really quiet really fast. Could it be that so many of them won't say a bad word against sexism, racism, or fascism because - so the argument goes - they don't have anything to do with atheism? Or could it be that they consistently decline to condemn these things because they subscribe to sexist, racist, or fascist world views? I'm not talking about one single conversation, but about a long series of interactions. What patterns emerge? What subjects consistently evade criticism even when the speaker enthusiastically condemns all manner of other things? Think about it.

So, having said that... Satanism is going to look like a lot of different things to a lot of different people depending on how they interpret and apply the core principles. And it's also worth saying that each of us are responsible only to and for ourselves - we're not accountable for the actions of others. But it's also worth saying that if you're willing to embrace racist Heathens and alt-right fascists, then this says a lot about what you think is okay. 

For my part, I think that proto/neo/fascism is not okay. I think that racism is not okay. And it's not because I think it's wrong for you to think what you will, but because the fascists and racists of contemporary Internet fame care very deeply about creating a world paradigm in which I am not free to pursue my interests, associate with whom I desire, and enjoy the things I prefer. 

Advocates of fascist policies and racist purity (who frequently go hand in hand) would make my choices for me and push me into a neat and tidy box where they insist that I must be defined by their parameters. So the argument goes, "The anti-fascists are the real fascists!" Are They free to think and say that argument? Yes, They are. But here's the thing: They want a closed system which permits a very narrow definition of freedom and choice, but I want a broad definition of freedom and choice. I'm not trying to elevate people above their achieved level of stratification, I'm not trying to create safe zones for cry-babies who can't handle the real world. 

What I want is to preserve an open field where the best may rise and the worst may fall, and if They want to change that, you bet I'm going to say something. I'm especially going to say something to point out the hypocrisy of how quickly fascists (and often, racists) are to silence free speech, and that they only enjoy the right to free speech because it's afforded to them by the very government and social contract they wish to overthrow.

In a way, this is like my problem with vaccine deniers and Creationists: it's okay for them to think nonsense so long as it only affects them, but when they start advocating for bring vaccine denialism and creationism into public policy that affects me and my family, that's where I draw the line. You're welcome to think and say that the government should be run by autocrats and that jack-booted thugs should be on every street corner. You're also welcome to think and say that people who look differently than you are genetically and culturally inferior. 

Nobody ever said you have to like your government or share an identity with everybody you meet. I'm not opposed to fascism and racism because I think that it's Inherently Bad. I'm opposed to fascism and racism because the motivations which inform them are logically broken. If you don't like commie, left-wing Pinkos, then you do what you think is best - nobody ever said you had to become a party member. If you aren't attracted to Blacks or don't like Black music, fine - nobody said you had to be Black or listen to Black music. 

Each of us choose for ourselves what is aesthetically pleasing. But if you think I'm going to shut my mouth and be polite or pretend that I'm a part of a mutual appreciation society where everybody's opinion is equally respected and nobody can ever be wrong, then you're quite wrong: nobody and nothing are safe from criticism.

I am a Satanist, and that means that I'm a realist: I take the world as it is, not as I would like it to be, and I use the best available knowledge to inform my decisions. And, as it happens, the best available knowledge says that fascism and racism are literal dead ends. I have no regard for tribal identity, and draw nothing from my nation, race, family, or gender. Not that Popeye ever had anything to do with Satanism, but I'm proud to say that I am what I am and that's all that I am. 

I am not supplicant worshiping the power of the state to do as it pleases. I am not a religious devotee at the altar of the White Man. I worship only myself, and hold as my liberty as my highest value. You're free to hate whatever and whomever you like, but the moment you start advocating for a fascist government that would restrict my choices, or advocating on behalf of the Whites under the assumption that I'm going to support you, then you can go drink a gallon of bleach because your ideology is broken and deserves to die.

So when I see fascism, racism, and other contradictory mentalities appearing in Satanism or creeping along the left-hand path, I'm going to say something. Not because I want a Good Guy badge. Not because I want to control what you think, say, and do. But because those things are detestable to me, and I don't want them to be a part of my reality. I also don't want people who support those things as a part of my circle of friends - it's my prerogative to create and maintain a total environment of my own creation, and until such time Pentagonal Revisionism is achieved, the way I accomplish this goal is by speaking out against the things I dislike and making it clear that people who disagree with me and get the fuck out of my total environment.

You can know a lot about a person by what he or she won't criticize. If you find what a person won't criticize, then you've found part of that person's core identity. I'm making it very easy for the guests within my total environment to see who and what I am - let there be no misunderstanding about the total environment I'm building for myself and the aesthetics I prefer.

Also let there be no misunderstanding that I'm a keen observer: if you've been in my company for any period of time, chances are excellent that I'm looking for what you won't criticize so that I can see you clearly for who you are. I apply this principle in all things. If you're scared about what I may see, then you know where to find the exit.

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