September 28, 2016

Describe Yourself in 3 Fictional Characters!

So there's this thing going around the interwebs which challenges people to describe themselves with three fictional characters. What can I say? Challenge accepted.


The very first person who came to mind is Gilderoy Lockhart, the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. In so many ways, he's me. He's charming and handsome, but he's also obnoxious and cunning. In the Harry Potter books, he embarrasses himself a few times when he's clearly out of his league, but he's not without skill: he's quite good with memory charms, don't you know. When it suits his purposes, he erases people's memories and rewrites their history to suit his purposes. Is he a one-trick pony? Yes. But look how far that one trick took him! And all he ever really mastered was how to erase memories and manipulate others' perception of him. Anybody who knows me is aware that I thrive on attention and am highly susceptible to flattery, but as a Tarot reader I also play the memory game - both with myself and with others!


The second person who comes to mind is Dr. Julian Bashir, the station physician on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Dr. Bashir has frequently tactless and ignorant of other people's emotions. When I'm not paying attention, I frequently brush people the wrong way. And of course, Dr. Bashir - like Gilderoy Lockhart, and like myself - is a bit of a braggart with a huge ego. Like it or not, he's very accomplished at what he does, and nary a moment goes by when he doesn't remind somebody of it. And why not? Who doesn't enjoy taking credit for a job well done? Dr. Bashir has a lust for life, and no matter how much he genuinely cares about getting along with people, he just can't stop himself from acting elitist and subtly or bluntly reminding everybody else of his accomplishments. He's obnoxious, but he's charming and he gets away with it because he's just that good at what he does.


I was tempted to name Schmendrick the Magician, but the third person who came to mind is the Wizard of Oz. And why not? I've always said from the start that I'm an entertainer. I take great pleasure in playing the role of the magician, but unlike some Tarot readers, I know full well that I'm just another Man Behind The Curtain. Am I saying that I'm a complete charlatan? Yes! Am I saying that there isn't any magic? No! Magic is as magic does, and even if I'm just playing a role, I play it masterfully enough to conjure real magic. But at the end of the day, I know that I'm playing a role, and I always take a bow and get off the stage when it becomes clear that the show is over.

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