So said Anton LaVey, "In matters of significant concern, there is invariably another alternative: a third side, a Satanic side." Order today and I'll give you a powerful Tarot card reading in which I'll reveal a third-side perspective that shatters your problems with brutal honesty and scathing clarity. Together, we'll grab reality by the horns and confront your life head-on.

I offer detailed readings for the following requests:
  • Past, Present, & Future (weekly, monthly, and yearly forecasts) 
  • Love & Relationships (dating, marriage, cheating) 
  • Friends & Family (trust, duty, cooperation) 
  • Work & Money (promotions, interviews, debt) 
  • Direction & Guidance (anxiety, frustration, confusion) 
  • Personal Growth & Problem Solving (daily challenges, life path, world view) 
  • Special requests? Contact me and let's talk about it! 
I work on a per-question basis, and I use whatever arrangement of cards I think will provide the best answer for your question. An answer for one question is typically 5-15 minutes long, and depends on the question asked and what emerges during the reading.

After completing check-out with PayPal, you’ll be directed to a form and asked to submit your questions. Your reading will be delivered as a high quality MP3 audio recording within 1 business day after you submit your questions. Orders placed on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday may not be delivered until Monday.

  • This service is for adults aged 18 and older. Due to the nature of this service, refunds are not possible and therefore all sales are final. 
  • I am obligated by law to refuse all questions regarding your health, investment of money, legal proceedings, and criminal ventures. 
  • Because I'm unable to guarantee the accuracy of my predictions, this service must be considered for entertainment only.