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Welcome to my blog; I'm your host, James Bridge. This place is a digital extension of my lair and I use it to articulate my thoughts on all kinds of things including Tarot, Satanism, fortune-telling, lesser magic, current events, and sometimes even my personal life.

I'm one of a very few Tarot readers anywhere who's able to say that he was gifted his first Tarot deck, but there's actually a pretty funny story behind that. In 1993 I was given my first Tarot deck by a classmate who bought it as a gag gift. He had no interest in Tarot, and neither did I, but I guess the joke's on me because he planted the seed that sprouted into a full-blown occult obsession. Since then, I of course learned to read the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, but also enjoyed Salvador Dali's Tarot Universal, Lo Scarabeo's Samurai Tarot, and the Deviant Moon Tarot, but I also taught myself to read with regular playing cards. I eventually came to prefer Marseilles-style Tarot decks with absolutely minimalist imagery.  

In 2002 I graduated with honors from the Russian program at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center in Monterey, California, and am also able to brag that I received a security clearance for handling top secret and sensitive compartmented information for my job as a Russian cryptologic linguist in the Marine Corps. For reasons you can imagine, there's not really anything else I can tell you about that line of work, but it might make you feel better to know that the job is nothing like what you probably think and nowhere near as exciting as anything you've ever seen in a movie.

I did, however, earn two black belts in taekwondo, and for what it's worth I won four state champion titles in North Carolina and in 2007 took fourth place in my division at the ATA's world championship for traditional weapon forms. I competed with the single nunchuck, but my weapon of choice is the three-sectional staff.

I'm also the creator of The Satanic Tarot, a book and Tarot deck of the same name which depending on your worldview may or may not be something you'll appreciate. The Satanic Tarot is the distillation of my worldview as a Satanist but also my 15+ years' experience as Tarot reader, fortune-teller, and sometimes-occultist.

I love to meet new people and learn new things. If you feel the same way, you're welcome to contact me via email

Hail Satan.