July 05, 2017

Tarot Talk 7/5/2017

It's an open house party! 

On Friday the 14th at 12pm EST / Toronto I'll be slinging cards and throwing fortunes at everybody who shows up. This is going to be fast and loose, with quick 3- to 5-card readings. You can also ask me anything else on your mind about Tarot and we'll see where the conversation takes us! It's going to be first come, first served. SUBSCRIBE, SHARE & WATCH LIVE! Can't make it to the party? Submit your question here. 

Who's your daddy?

According to this Tarot reader in Spain, her daddy is Salvador Dali. Since Dali has no other known descendents or living relatives from which to take a DNA sample, his body has to be dug up. I'm sure there are people out there who are getting really pissy about hauling his corpse out of the earth, but I suspect that Dali would be delighted to know that he was still getting attention so many years after his death. And while he has no known last words that I can find, he was known to have said, "Do not believe my death." I predict that no matter what the paternity test reveals, interest in Dali's artwork will get a profitable bump. Read more here.

Will the real element please stand up?

A fun and interesting discussion about the classical western elements as found in Tarot. It's true that there are disagreements about which suit aligns with which element, but it's also true that these disagreements are much smaller than this essay makes them out to be. It's also true that elemental assignation is largely up to the individual: if you don't like the way it's put together, then in the words of the sage, "you can go your own way." Read more here.

You can never have too many cute cats.

Because cats are awesome. And I don't know that I'd ever buy a cute cat Tarot deck, but I'd sure crush on it. Read more here.

Ooh, Tarot-related stuff in video games.

Extra Credits makes some really great videos which are all related to video games to one degree or another, but considering how many other things are being brought into video games these days, they're covering that, too. In this case, the Tarot trumps. You really must watch the whole video from the beginning, but if it helps you to be patient then the Tarot-related content starts at 4:45. Read more here.

How about No?

If a client came to me and asked for a Tarot reading to determine if it would be okay for her pedophile boyfriend to watch her child while she's away, I think I'd have to either say, "No, of course not," or "Due to ethical considerations and guidelines in my business policies, I'm unable to read for this question." There's a lot to be said about remaining detached from a client's question - their problems aren't my problems - but I can't imagine a scenario where I'd be willing to let this woman get a "yes" answer to a patently irresponsible decision. Read more here.

A fidget spinner for Tarot readers!

Okay, so no - it's not a fidget spinner, but it does spin. For $20 you can buy a ring with three spinning outer pieces that you can use to randomly select Tarot cards. I'll write a review when I get one. Read more here.

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