July 07, 2017

Stuff & Nonsense 7/7/2017

My last computer, and Acer Chromebook 14, grew feet and walked away. It didn't come back the next morning, so I had to buy a new computer to replace it: an Acer Chromebook R11. Yes, it's true - I'm a Google fanboy and I really like Chromebooks. Shortest review? The Acer R11 is a sweet computer: the chassis is rock-solid, the screen is brilliant, the touchpad is very sensitive, the speakers are good and loud, the battery runs for a solid 8 hours, and even though the keys have short travel they make for quiet typing. It's a fast, efficient Chromebook and the fact that it's a convertible makes it super convenient for carrying around the house and casting music and movies to the TV. Read more here.

Living with chronic pain is frustrating and exhausting. When there's no available remedy for the pain, sometimes the only thing that works is to talk about it. Read more here.

Which is to say, if you need help, you should get it. There's no shame in suffering mental or emotional health problems - after all, when was the last time you saw somebody ashamed of a heart murmur or a bone spur? Mental health is health. Get the health care you need. Read more here.

Speaking of chronic pain, the War on Christmas started early this year. Because you know what they say: you can't live in a constant state of war if you don't live in a constant state of war. Christians evidently love nothing more perpetual martyrdom. Read more here.

You know what the difference is between action and horror? In an action movie, you have all the weapons you need to kill all the enemies you can see. In a horror movie, you don't have the weapons you need to kill the one enemy you can't see. Action is about conquest and destruction - horror is about anxiety and uncertainty. Read more here.

I used to love the movie Spirited Away. It's a beauty of animation, and is also a bittersweet, touching story about a platonic love. Or at least, that's what I thought it was. Thanks to the power of the Internet, I ran across an infographic which shows that Spirited Away is actually a story about a young girl who gets caught up in the sex trade and how she escapes back to her family. Thanks, Internet - you ruined one of my favorite movies. Read more here.

And in other news, do you remember Dungeon Solitaire - Labyrinth of Souls? It's an awesome game and you should play it. And you know what you should also do? Go read "Benediction Denied," the first fiction in a series of books to be written based on the eponymous Labyrinth of Souls. Read more here.

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