July 06, 2017

Satanism 7/6/2017

The failure of Ken Ham's Ark Encounter is
the fault of all those damn, dirty atheists!
via Americans United

This may be the first time ever that thoughts and prayers accomplished anything: Ken Ham's "Ark Experience" has financially belly-flopped allegedly because atheists prayed to God for it to fail. Presumably, the atheists were praying to Satan, the lord of earth, who has dominion over all material affairs and that's why God was powerless to prevent it. And of course, after that the atheists went to the local planned parenthood clinic to get some aborted fetuses for the victory BBQ later on. Read more here.

If you're going to practice greater magic, then why settle for half-measures? If you really invest yourself in the process, who knows what you might accomplish? Read more here.

Huzzah for Satanic tattoos. Read more here.

Anton LaVey wrote an essay in one of his books (either Satan Speaks or Letters from the Devil) explaining that Satanism is synonymous with opposition, and that the object of its opposition changes depending on the majority position. Read more here.

If you oppose tyranny and authoritarianism, and cherish personal liberty and individual expression, then why limit your accusation and opposition to the religious and superstitious? Be consistent in your accusation and opposition. Read more here.

And here's a really brilliant interview with Lucien Greaves of the Satanic Temple. I'm not saying you have to like him, and I'm not say that you have to join or support the Satanic Temple, but I am saying that if you can put aside your ego then you'll learn a thing or two. Read more here.

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