July 02, 2017

Politics 7/4/2017

Happy Canada Day!

Or, for the Americans residents of the United States of America, happy 4th of July. And for the Americans who've been here since before this continent was called America, uh... thanks for all the fish? Don't commit the Satanic sin of forgetting what came before or limiting yourself to your own perspective.

Lunatic says that if you criticize Trump, you'll invite the return of the anti-Christ.

But if in Christian mythology, the appearance of the anti-Christ is a necessary prerequisite for the return of the actual Christ, then wouldn't they be in support of people who are against Trump? Read more here.

Trump blames Obama for failing to do more to prevent him from becoming president.

Boy howdy, the buck stops anywhere but here. Trump wants to know why Obama didn't do more to stop Russian interference in the election? Maybe because he didn't want to start an international pissing match in his final months; he didn't want to be seen as trying to unfairly malign the GOP; it's not his place to start a fight that the next president would have to finish. Read more here.

Take it with a grain of salt

Sputnik News isn't renowned for its honest and objective reporting, but for however much this editorial is worth, it's a fascinating look at how the global chess pieces are moving. Read more here.

Yeah, but it's a dry heat.

The temperature in Arizona is the same as the temperature in my oven. It's so hot that things outside are literally melting or even catching fire. People are literally baking cookies outdoors in the open air. It's so hot that people are wearing oven gloves just to hold the steering wheel while they drive. Naturally, there are people who are still convince that climate change isn't happening: "This is the best hoax ever - even the weather is in on it!" Read more here.

Public Service Announcement: stay away from North Korea.

Third Satanic Rule of the Earth: "When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there." And considering just how easily the N.Korean government takes offense at even the slightest disrespect, that's a lair where you won't ever catch me going. Read more here.

Viceroy Trump fetes Czar Putin

The only reason I can imagine that Trump is so intent on finding shiny presents with which to fete Putin is either because:
  1. Trump has business interests in Russia and is trying to bribe Putin into keeping them on track, 
  2. Putin is blackmailing Trump with severely embarrassing or massively damaging information, or 
  3. Both. Read more here.

Anti-Anti-Fascist shoots self in leg.

The funny just never ends: a Twitter account posing as antifa announced that it was going to visit a graveyard and desecrate confederate flags. Any amount of investigation would have revealed that this was bogus, but fact checking was never done so the local and regional True Patriots™ showed up anyway to confront an imaginary antifa gang that never existed. Naturally, they came armed, which resulted in hilarity when a man used his leg-holster - which was also carrying a loaded gun with the safety off - as a flag-holster. As you might expect, jamming a flag pole into a gun holster could predictably trigger the gun, and that's what happened: the guy shot himself in the leg. It's impossible for me to feel bad about this guy - he came to protest against an imaginary enemy armed with a loaded gun on ready and triggered it with a confederate flag. So much stupid. Read more here.

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