July 04, 2017

Dear Church Of Satan...

via Church of Satan

I think you're pretty damn cool and am really proud to support an organization that's championed a religion that's substantially improved the quality of my life. But I gotta ask: when will your criticisms of tyranny and protest against those people and things which oppose personal liberty move beyond the religious and the superstitious? 

That's low hanging fruit, and there are vast hordes of first-phase atheists who've been picking it clean for decades. If you're really opposed to people, organizations, and concepts which inhibit personal liberty, then your accusation and opposition should naturally move into the political. And yet, it doesn't - you content yourself to merely oppose religion and superstition. 

And don't get me wrong - religious nonsense deserves to be accused and opposed - but if your accusation and opposition are rooted in defense of individual liberty, then why are you so reluctant to extend the same treatment to politicians and political organizations which pose the same threats?

I think there's a definite reason why you won't bring yourself to condemn authoritarianism in politics and national affairs, and that's because the you've consistently nurtured support for authoritarianism both in the canon literature as well as in organizational culture. I agree that Satanism can be a lot of things, and if you want to retain a plastic form so you can't be nailed against the wall, that's cool. 

But you can't reserve the right to be indefinable while at the same time insisting that Satanism means something very specific that's been crystallized and codified by way of the extensive writing produced by high priests and church members over the past 50 years.

If you really, genuinely care about opposing authoritarianism and tyranny that would stand in the way of personal liberty and individual expression, then you should oppose it. I'm not calling for you to embrace my personal political interests, but I am saying that you're inconsistent. And I don't mean inconsistent in terms of embracing liberty and individual expression, but in terms of holding inconsistent views. 

Fascist fetishism and authoritarian apologism are in bountiful supply within the canon literature and the online faces of the Satanic cabal. Claiming love for and defense of individual liberty and personal expression yet simultaneously turning a blind eye to diametrically opposed political positions baked into your literature and organizational culture is inconsistent.

I agree with you when you said that, "All who join us in cherishing personal sovereignty must grasp that maintaining the flame of freedom requires active vigilance," but I think that limiting my active vigilance to religious ignorance and violence is a short-sighted choice which fails to even look directly at the political structures which support and even encourage extremism, fundamentalism, and tribalism in all their forms.

All the same, happy 4th of July to all the Americans reading this. And to all the Native Americans who've been here forever, uh... well, um....

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