June 23, 2017

Post from the Host

The next open-house Tarot party is scheduled for the 30th of June, starting 12pm EST / Toronto. Naturally, you're welcome to join the chat room and ask questions live, but if you can't be present you can submit your questions in advance here.

Also, a heads-up that I'm making the open-house Tarot party a biweekly event happening every other Friday. The largest reason for this is because this event takes a lot of time to plan and execute, and - considering the level of participation - this is time I could be better using for other projects like polishing the second draft of The Satanic Tarot or starting my next writing project - the 3,003 Names of the Devil, in which I cover all 3,003 two-card combinations in the Tarot.

Ultimately, it's my goal to use the 3,003 Names of the Devil as the back-bone for an Android and iOS app that will allow you to do your own Tarot readings. There are a lot of cool Tarot apps out there, but they only ever read one card at a time and are limited to the 78 definitions for each single card. With this app, I'll be able to provide not just the 78 definitions, but also an additional 3,003 definitions for every possible combination. This means you'll be able to get a fuller and much more engaging reading than you will from any other app available. It's an ambitious project, and considering the scope I think I'll be working on it for longer than a year, but I'm hopeful that the results will be well worth the effort.

In other news: have you visited me on Google Plus lately? I'm playing around with a new way of doing my daily Tarot readings: instead of a two-card reading, it's now a three-card reading, and you have a role to play. Oh, yes: you can vote on which of the three cards goes onto the next day. This is an interactive and cooperative experiment in group fortune-telling, and so far the results have been very exciting.

And on an unrelated note - have you ever thought about the lessons being taught in Disney movies?

Other than that, I don't have anything else for you today, but if you have anything else for me - let me know! Leave a comment below, or contact me directly to say what's up.

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