June 20, 2017

News & Politics 6/20/2017

... said somebody, somewhere.

Don't look at the man behind the curtain!

So the multiple investigations into all-things-Trump continues. Another week goes by, and another chorus of GOP talking heads whose skin is burning off in a bright, orange flame want to talk about anything except the cheeto-flavored lava upon which they've built their political house.

And I've come to expect this kind of behavior from the GOP, but it really surprises me when I hear it from my country's intelligence chiefs who:

A) Have very little to say, yet at the same time...
B) ... insist there's damning evidence they can't share.

Every time I wonder why all this severely incriminating evidence has yet to see the light of day, I'm getting the feeling that the FBI, NSA, et al are getting all their ducks lined up exactly right so that there's no way the guilty parties can weasel out of it. That's what I'm telling myself and I'm sticking to it.

And yeah, I get that it can take many months for an investigation to conclude, but we know that the investigation started at least this past July; Trump was inaugurated in November; Trump took office in January... (counting months on my fingers.) 

Who hasn't received a subpoena?

This is pure speculation, but as others have said, "Flynn is the hole in the donut of subpoenas." If he hasn't been issued a subpoena, there's a reason, and I think we're all going to find out why sooner than later.

2nd Amendment Solutions

Oh yeah, did you hear the news? A True Patriot™ used a second-amendment solution to express his opinion to elected officials last week. Now, let it be said that it's all-around shitty that these guys got shot, but I gotta say: When is the point at which the GOP will stop whoring itself out to the NRA? I wish I could say that a bunch of Republicans getting shot in broad daylight would bring them to their senses, but somehow I think it's just more offerings laid at the altar of gun rights. Remember, folks: responsibility is for the responsible. If you want to own a lethal weapon, you'd better prove the reason why you need it.

And that includes the police. 

Do you think it's a radical idea? Britain, Ireland, Norway, Iceland and New Zealand would disagree with you - the majority of their police officers don't carry firearms for this exact reason: even when a private citizen is legally registered for open-carry of a firearm, cops just can't stop themselves from shooting off whenever their feelings get hurt or the feel a little bit scared. 

I'm not against gun ownership, I just don't think people should have the unconditional right to gun ownership. Just like governments around the world don't trust the majority of their law enforcement officers to carry guns, I don't trust the majority of people I meet to carry guns.

If you want to own a weapon capable of killing potentially more than a dozen people in a few moments' time, then you had better prove why you need it. Want to make the system safer? Let's treat guns like cars: you have to take pass a state-approved safety test; register your gun; carry insurance; and have your weapon safety inspected; and so on. Some of this already exists, but a lot more of it doesn't exist. This is a problem that can be fixed.

You might think this is unnecessary just to own a gun, but I happen to think that the unending parade of mass shootings and killer cops is unnecessary.

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