June 29, 2017

Living with post-vasectomy pain-syndrome

via Asian Journal of Andrology

Remember that vasectomy I got in March of last year? Yeah - I got a vasectomy in March of last year. Things went well for a little while, but as it turned out I became a super lucky recipient of post-vasectomy pain syndrome which has been giving me varying levels of constant pain and discomfort for the last eight months, but on the whole it's been an upward-trending pattern.

I've got an appointment with my urologist on July 14th to discuss my options. If you're curious to know, I'm at the point on the chart where it says "Failed medical therapy." Tried the NSAIDS, and unless you want to know things you really don't want to know, then suffice it to say that they didn't work. Support - you know, tight underpants - doesn't work anymore, and rest you know, sitting on my increasingly fat ass all day also doesn't work. And I'm absolutely not taking anti-depressants. No. Not doing it again. 

Every waking moment of every day in my life is like I was just slapped in the nuts 10 seconds ago. It's not awesome. On my best days, walking is a little bit painful and I get through my work, family duties, etc. without anybody else the wiser. On my worst days, I'm spending my evening in bed with my knees up and icing my groin. 

And did I mention sex? Yeah - that's just not happening. Anything that applies pressure to the vas deferens radiates pain all through my groin and even up into my abdomen. So until I get this figured out, I'm not even getting laid. Seriously not-awesome.

But what is awesome is that I've figured out that Aleve paired with extra-strength Tylenol is a very successful combination. It's surely not fixing the problem - this is only pain management, and I have no desire to be eating Aleve and Tylenol like they're candy every day for the rest of my life - so that's why I'm going to see my urologist next month.

No idea what to expect, and no idea how long it'll take to find a resolution, but I'll let you know how it goes. There's not much point to this post except to give you folks an update on stuff has been backed up lately. So, uh... back to our regular programming.

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