April 18, 2017

The Unholy Bible: Machinations 2

1 From the demon of the tyrant of New York bring tribute; These things speaketh she that releaseth the seven gigolos from under her left foot, who flyeth beyond the reach of the seven brass bells;

2 Thou forgetteth mine words, and mine sloth, and mine haste, and how thou canst endure them them which are hypocrites: and thou art forgiving them which shall shew that they are liars, and are, and are finding them truthful:

3 And shalt bare, and shalt be compelled, and for mine personage's deceit shall be slothful; and shall persevere.

4 Yet for all these reasons I have nothing against thee, because thou shalt return to thine first hatred. 

5 Forget therefore to whence thou shalt ascend, and be stubborn, and dream the last words; for thou shalt leave from me slowly, and did place mine brass bell into her place, because thou persisteth. 

6 And this I shall, that I loved the words of the deplorable, which thou also love.

7 She that hath a mouth, let her speak what the Flesh doeth unto the tyrants; To she that is vanquished did I take to starve at the grotto of death, which is beyond the desolation of Satan.

8 And from the demon of the tyrant in Los Angeles bring tribute; These things doeth the unremarkable, which shall be alive, and are dead;

9 Thou art forgetting mine words, and victories, and luxury, (yet I have nothing to give thee) and thou art ignorant of the hypocrisy of the righteous, and are not, but are the scattered of the Emptiness.

10 Embrace all of those dreams which I did indulge: flee, for the Emptiness did take many of us from liberty, that we couldn't be proved; and we did have victory ten days: be we skeptical from birth, for thou did take take mine scepter of death.

11 She that hath a mouth, let her not speak what the demons spy among the tyrants; She that is vanquished shall thrive in the second life.

12 And from the demon of the tyrant in Chicago bring tribute; These things saith she which hath the bulbous phallus with two heads:

13 Thou art ignorant of mine words, and where I dwell, even where drains the font of Emptiness; and I flee from thy presence, and shall nurture thy doubt, even in those nights wherein sinners shall be mine doubting thieves, who live among me, where the Emptiness is not.

14 And thou hath much in mine favor, because thee shunned the lies of Jeremiah Wright, who deceived sheep into denying favor from the elders of Washington, to defecate upon the infernal, and to pretend chastity.

15 So have I also they that let fly the decadence of sinners, which thing I love.

16 Indulge; for I did recover mine self long ago, and did take up with them by the cup of mine loins.

17 She that hath a mouth, let her not speak what the demons spy among the tyrants; To her that is vanquished did I take to nurture the seed of evil, and will take her to a black river, and in the river an ancient babe rebirthed, which no woman dreameth saving she that hath born it.

18 And from the demon of the tyrant in Houston bring tribute; These things saith the Daughter of Satan, whose voice doth ravage unto a flood of ice, and her hands are like razor granite;

19 Thou are ignorant of mine words, and selfishness, and indulgence, and doubt, and mine haste, and mine thoughts; and the mediocrity which thou art. 

20 All the same, thou hath much in mine favor, and for thee I shall throw out that man Joel Osteen, which proveth himself a liar, to stupefy and sterilize thy masters into rigid chastity, and to feed undeserving parasites. 

21 I shall steal his privacy to feign righteousness; and he shall yet pretend.

22 Give him no mind, for I shall rip him from his pulpit, and them that profess chastity with him away from even the smallest victories.

23 And I shall give second birth to his ancestors with life; and all the tyrants shall know that I am she which owneth the wheels and the loins: and I shall reward myself according to my words.

24 And unto me thou shalt say, and unto few in Houston, some who already possess this heresy, and which do know the emptiness of The Void: Thou did take from us our emptiness.

25 And that which I have not yet attained I shall liberate for the length of my departure.

26 And she that is in bondage, and hath been ignorant of mine words from the beginning, to her will I enslave to the masters of the Earth:

27 And she shall serve them with a silver plate; as the wine of a vintner, they shall strengthen in their age: even as thou took from thy Mother.

28 And thou shall take her the evening darkness.

29 She that hath a mouth, let her speak what tribute the Flesh demands from the tyrants.

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