March 06, 2017

Left-hand Tarot 3/6/2017

Having a problem with addictive technology? You can fix it. Read more. TL/DR:
  • “Don’t” say “Can’t”: You can always check your phone. But decide to be the kind of person who doesn’t.
  • Proximity is destiny: Put your phone across the room and laziness becomes a superpower.
  • Use a “stopping rule”: Leaving the house with your phone at 5% battery is extreme… but it’ll work.
  • You don’t break habits. You replace them: Good apps up front. Evil apps must be downloaded.
  • Dr. Jekyll, prepare for Mr. Hyde: Give your phone to a friend before you drink so the werewolf can’t drunk-text exes.
And on another topic, let it be known that I think there are problems with building an organization on the basis of a mutual appreciation society. For example:

  • Hey, Bob - you're a fantastic carpenter! I haven't seen anybody so skilled with woodworking as you. Why, you build the most durable structures, and they're polished so smooth they feel like glass! The brilliant sheen of the lacquer is a sight to behold, and the scroll work you did is amazing too...
  • ... but why did you have to nail a person to the cross you made and then set it on fire which is clearly against the law?
I know, I know... that's a ludicrous example. Here's another one:
  • Hey, Bob - you're a terrific presenter! You've hosted some great podcasts, made a lot of money running an online store and selling high-quality merchandise, and have been a tireless ambassador for the organization...
  • ... but why do you keep favorable company with avowed racists and fascists which are explicitly condemned in the source literature?
And so on. Seriously: if you're going to promote people through the ranks of your organization based on what they do well without saying anything about the other nonsense they're up to, then you're giving a free pass to bad behavior for the sake of praising good behavior. Or at least be consistent: either Satanism is a religion and philosophy with principled positions which are ideologically incompatible with certain other religions and philosophies, or it's a tool-kit to be used by the individual for his or her own benefit. If it's just a tool-kit, then association with other people doesn't matter. But if it's a religion and philosophy with principled positions which make it incompatible with things such as racism and fascism, then then that's something else. This isn't the 8th grade when the teacher asks you to give a report and instructs your classmates to praise you for what you did good in the speech. This is real-fucking-life and criticism is necessary to ensure the best outcomes in any scenario.

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