March 31, 2017

Left-hand Tarot 3/31/2017

  • I think I have celiac disease. Or at least, I've become really intolerant of gluten. Either way, I've gone gluten-free.
  • I shaved my mustache and am rocking the goatee, baby. These lips are made for kissing.
  • I changed my last name! And anybody who thinks I'm pussy-whipped because I took my wife's name because it was convenient for our family can get fucked with a cinder block. No lube.
  • What's the deal with Satanists who are apparently ashamed to be "merely human?" You're a human. It's okay to be human and have human needs.
  • And on that topic, What's the deal with Satanists who are apparently allergic to community and insist that they're not herd animals? There's nothing wrong with acknowledging that the life you live is made possibly only by community and cooperation.

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