June 20, 2016

Left-hand Tarot #15) Know Your Place

Addendum: for those who really want to hear the long version that I didn't have time to include in yesterday's podcast, you can watch the long version below.

June 13, 2016

Awaken the Angels of Death

So this morning I woke up to news that we've witnessed the worst mass shooting in modern US history, and without doing more exhaustive research, I believe it ranks as the 3rd worst act of domestic terrorism after 9/11 and the Oklahoma City Bombings. Omar Mateen met his death at the hands of law enforcement, but it feels empty, and if it were up to me I'd grant him a long life of solitary confinement. Some would say it's not fair that he gets to live when so many others are dead, but I say that decades of solitary confinement is a fate worse than death, especially so since it denies Omar Mateen his preferred martyrdom. In this moment, I struggle to purge my emotions and find the clarity I seek. What does the Tarot bring me?
Only an angel of death can usher in the new age.
The cards tell me that not only is this the new "normal" - and a scenario we can expect to see repeated again - but the climate which nurtured this noxious weed is of our own creation. It's here to stay, and so long as the majority cries out for external war to fix internal problems, no solution will be found. 

Instead, what's needed is an internal war. I'm not calling for a violent civil war - history as my guide, but violent internal conflict only solidifies command and control at the top and promotes narrow-minded, tribalist narratives. But I am saying that the message I find in these cards requires a steady commitment to self-destruction. As a nation, we are where we are because we've consistently done what we've done. If we want something different, death of the self is necessary. You who read this may interpret that as you see fit. 

I watch the American presidential race with little hope. Mr. Trump is appealing to righteous anger and nativism, and under his watch external war is certain. Mrs. Clinton is appealing to calmer minds, but she's establishment through-and-through, and if her husband's presidency is an indicator, external war is certain also with her. 

I hope future history will prove me wrong, but I have little hope that either candidate will sufficiently kill the national paradigm to prevent past history from repeating itself. Neither Mr. Trump nor Mrs. Clinton will upset the establishment order, and short of social and political change that would stupefy today's minds, I dare not hope for what may never come.